Wednesday, September 30, 2009

twons oneeeee!

my best friend cate, coined the term "twons one"around her birthday last year. it has been used ever since and i absolutely adore it. today, it's my 21st birthday! eeeeeee!! i spent my birthday's eve studying for an interior design exam and took the exam at exactly midnight, to get it over with. oh, and i also lost my wallet yesterday. totes cool, but not so much.

i seldom make my birthday's a production, i think it takes away from what the day really is about - sharing smiles and laughs with your best friends and to-die-for family. my mom is making me a surprise cake (i'll be sure to post pictures). she's the queen at cake making and decorating, so i'm excited to see what's in store. as for now, i'm drooling over fabulously decorated goodies online..

a cake to die for.

a little pony cupcake :)
this weekend is the MSU vs. Michigan football game and the gall family considers this a holiday. my dad and two brothers went to MSU, just like meeee! my oldest brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew flew in last night from missouri in preparation for the weekend's festivities. THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT I COULD ASK FOR. My niece, Addison and nephew, Jackson are the two most adorable little sugars ever. well, lets not forget my other TWIN niece and nephew, Ella and Aiden. 

Last Years Game:

BEST NEWS EVER: i was contacted today by the MSU Peace Corps Office about my next step to becoming a volunteer - an interview! i've never been more happy in my life. volunteering and giving back to your community is a great way to be present in your own life. it has help me really understand what happiness is in life while also growing to become the person i've hoped. i hope you all take some time in your life to give back to the people around you, the smallest gesture goes a long way.

the peace corps was created when JFK challanged students at the University of Michigan to  give back to their country by promoting peace and serving people and communities in developing countries. 

have an amazing day! enjoy the sunshine, bundle up and drink some hot apple cider- fall is officially here :)


*~kAy~* said...

Wanted to drop by and wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! <3
found your blog through "Fashion Layne" :)
Congratulations on that interview! <3 I wish you good luck! <3 hope you get to volunteer :) The world always seems to need more of those :)

rachel! said...

yay! cute cuppie cakes! Love your blog, my blog is new too, but not nearly as awesome as yours. Tips???
< Rachel





Poisoned Amour said...

happy birthday!
i just found your blog link from tayler!
your blog looks fantastic so far, liking it a lot :)

♥Aubrey said...

I want a pony cupcake ;) Ya for the Peace Corps...that's an amazing opportunity. Have a FaB.u.LouS weekend hun ♥

Michael said...

Hope you had a great bday! :) Congratulations on the volueenter.

Jay said...


Michael said...

Hi Gally, thank you for that wonderful lovely comment. It really amde me smile.

I glad that you have got to experience our city Toronto. It is a beautiful city!

Oh, please update soon! I adore your post, I just love reading about exciting adventures and love looking at your photographs. :) (and the men in your life are pretty cute too, ahahaha)

From the North with love,

SomethingBlue said...

hello there!

congrats on the of luck to you! thanks for linking to my blog :)