Sunday, November 15, 2009





my date, andy pants.
dress:forever21($22 dollas)shoes:forever21 bangles:jcrew 

beautiful friends:

dress: bcbg

documenting my night only makes it more real, which it turn makes it more exhausting. last night was filled with many "drop it drop it low girl's," birds actually fly north in the winter and A LOT of velveta. i had a wonderful time, but have quite the busy week ahead of me- psych. i'm normally busy 90 minutes of my day, that of which i'm normally attending the 3 classes i physically must go to. enjoy the start of your week. i will kick off this "week before thanksgiving week" by watching the secret garden, that i bought on friday- so excited.. possibly a secret garden inspired post to follow? i promise i'll spend more time writing my adventures this week as well. xoxx


i'm exhausted. ciao bellas.


LAYNE said...

sooo lovely! I only wish i could have been there :( tear.

Love you

Phoebe Rose said...

Your dress was so pretty, love the colour! thank you so much for putting me on your blogroll :) xx

hélène said...

Love your outfit, absolutely adorable! Can't believe it's from forever 21!!!

Micaela said...

KILLER heels.

love the dress and the date. (i dig a man in glasses)