Monday, November 2, 2009

a weeks worth of halloween.

happy belated Halloween to all.

i hope you all had as much fun designing and making your costumes as my roommates and i did. 

Costume 1:

night one: stegosaurus
my slight obsession with dinosaurs got the best of me but definitely pulled through.
note: being a dinosaur for halloween justifies any act.
DIY costume- if you must know, e-mail me.

bff tayler layne in her minnie mouse getup.
 Costume 2:

I decided to be my Dad for one night:
Freddie Gall

plaid shirt: J.Crew
Rabbit Fur Hat: Vintage (Cate's Mom's)
Whitey Tighties, obvi.

so after wednesday night, thursday night and spending the most of the day in bed following both of those days, i had a very difficult time getting geared and geeked up for friday night. i was very infamous for saying "i've been so many other things and people this week, i just want to be myself." so for the remainder of hallo-weekend, i frolicked in my own thread.

putting halloween aside, i woke up sunday morning extremely excited. it was my sorority's "Dad's Day" and my little Erwin was making the trek to East Lansing to celebrate and spend the day with me. i'm so lucky to have a father like him. he can say a million words without saying anything at all, and i understand every little bit of what he does and why he does it that way. i've never really reflected about my relationship with my dad, but the more i think about it, the more i smile. he's a farmer, he might be a "hick" and like to watch nascar, and he might take -what some might think as- a little too much time to think about what he'll say but he's the most brilliant man i know. it's a shame that there aren't more people in the world like my dad- someone who can literately fix ANYTHING you ask him to. he knows more about trust, loyalty and family than i'll ever know.
so cheers to my dad. thanks for contributing that X chromosome, pops- love ya.

tay tay and i are in full effect when it comes to blogging this week, so i'll be sure to post soon. xo




Julia said...

thats honestly one of the best costumes i've seen! haha the best part of halloween is when people get creative and RIGHT into it.. I hate when people buy those stupid overpriced costumes with no imagination!
Good job! haha I love it!
hope you had a good one!

LAYNE said...

ur updates make me smile! Ur Dino costume is awesome. I want you to wear the skirt again! and i love your dad!!


Rachel Follett said...

What great costumes! lOve!

hélène said...

Love love love halloween... i'm so sad that it doesn't really happen here in Paris :( There's always next year!

You look great!