Thursday, January 28, 2010

sweet disposition


come back to me..

Cabo come sooner..


major girl crush - lily collins - fix for the week

need to get my snowboard waxed for up north..mmm shreddding
39 days till cabo
stephanie and i have been practicing yoga at a studio in old town lansing that we've fallen in love with 
flower couch is so last season and big green is here to stay


♥Aubrey said...

Have fun shredding :)-
And...hello...what is that eye liner that girl is putting on? It looks like a lipstick tube, but it's not. I need...i me find it.

CLM said...

completely stunning blog ! wow, i am now following. please feel free to follow back :)
have a nice day.

CLM said...

thank you for your lovely comment :)
love this post. please follow? would love to visit regular ! :)

hélène said...

OMGGGGGGG Those shoes in the first photo are frickin Amaaaaazing!!!