Wednesday, December 23, 2009

away we go

i just arrived in dallas yesterday morning. then headed to austin in the afternoon.
my brother, ben and i went to salt lick BBQ, a famous BBQ pit just outside of austin tx. it was featured in one of my favorite shows, man vs. food! last night, we went to the MSU vs. UT basketball game and i regret to say we lost. after the game, we headed to sixth street downtown for a few too many voker-waters.
tay, we have to move there.

i wish i would know where to find this because i would have put it on my christmas list

my mom makes the most delicious christmas cookies!

just like my tattoo!


via tumblr

isn't this so true these days. 
i know so many people that are more interested in hearing that they're loved than just being loved themselves.

you know how much i love her. and that hat, oh my god, i love that hat. 

recent movies watched:
+ inglorious basterds
+ away we go
+ the hangover
+ sleeping beauty
+ the prince of egypt
+ taken

this is so perfect.

i'll be seeing you.


LAYNE said...

yay! you updated!
on Austin....yes yes yes!

I love the love true.

and u seriously are looking more and more like AO

love and miss u!

Maria Tavares said...

Love this post! So many great pictures... :D Love Mary-Kate's.

Happy new year and take care!

Mocani said...

happy new year !

Meg said...

Love all the pic's!

My friend bought an octopus ring from Anthropology. It's silver and covered in rhinestones -- so amazing.


Eloise and Éclairs said...

I love the Lady Gaga equation, it's genius!
Once again beautiful post, all the pictures you chose are so inspiring