Wednesday, December 9, 2009

manhattan mindframe

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i can only wish to have a closet that looked like this..

LOVE THIS, it looks like a winter wonderland.
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meg and i at the last tailgate :(

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black&white is always a classic choice. love her with red hair.

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a clockwork orange baby. i'm craving this movie at the moment.

my ideal nye dress.

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A List, Full of Excitement:

+ leave for Dallas in 13 days!
+ Winter Break with my brother
+ Christmas in Missouri 
+ NYE in Dallas
+ MSU vs. UT basketball game in Austin TX
+ Alamo Bowl game in San Antonio TX
+ Seeing roscoe

My mom just booked us flights to NYC in January. I have a very eventful month ahead of me. I'm drooling already: broadway shows, TOPSHOP, Central Park, etc. dflakjsd So Excited! If you have any "must sees" or "must visits," send them my way!

I apologize for being so absent that past couple weeks, I've been super busy with school. However, I'm happy (as of now) to announce that this semester is coming to an end next friday. Goodluck with class, finals, work or just your daily lives.

thanks for visiting.

i'll be seeing you.


Electro Geisha said...

great photos. don`t you just love tumblr? great news for NY. can i come too? :) you can fit me in the bag, just near the zipper :D I`m small as a mouse :)

anyways im glad for you, and I hope you will show us photos.

Style Bird said...

I love every photo.

Lilee said...

these are gorgeous!

Eloise and Éclairs said...

i love all the photos you collect and post, beautiful